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Our products are successful on numerous international markets and continue to gain recognition with a growing number of customers. We are the leader in the Central European market, both in terms of polyester polyols and polyurethane systems – we keep strengthening our position as a manufacturer of polyurethanes in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Raw materials for polyurethane.
Polyester Polyols | Isocyanates (PMDI, TDI) | Fire Retardants and other ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Purios - PU Spray Systems

Insulation polyurethane foam PURIOS
Open and closed cell ASK ABOUT PRODUCT


Substances and materials for plastics.
Plasticizers (DOP, DINP, DOTP, DOA polimeric plasticiser as well as other) | Impact and flow modifiers (CPE, acrylic) | Fire retardants | UV stabilizers and absorbers | Optical brightening agents | Antioxidants and antistatic agents | One-pack lubricants and stabilizers | Greases, PE waxes | Masterbatches ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Products for the cosmetics industry

Exfoliants / natural peelings | Mineral salts | Vitamins | Essential oils | Fragrant mixtures of essential oils | Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging active substances | Active ingredients for problematic skin (acne, psoriasis, atopic) | Regenerative, moisturizing and soothing active substances | Active skin lightening | Bronzing substances | Acids Active ingredients for hair | Oils | Butters ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Animal feed industry

A selection of raw materials for feeding farm animals.
Animal feed industry | Our essential oils meet the GMP+ standard | Angel animal feed additives | Other (vitamins, soy products, phosphates, etc.) ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Pharmaceutical industry and dietary supplements

Substances for a variety of pharmacological groups as well as raw materials for food supplements.
Pharmaceutical industry and dietary supplements | Plant extracts | Mineral salts | Amino acids and proteins | Vitamins | Bee products | Organic compounds and fatty acids | Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) | Super foods | Acidity regulators and stabilizers | Conservatives | Sweeteners ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Paint, coatings, varnishes

Raw materials for paints, coatings, varnishes and coolants. ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Oils and lubricants

Products and substances for oils and lubricants.
Raw materials for oils | Raw materials for lubricants | Raw materials for coolants | Components for manufacturing lithium soap | Rheology modifiers and thickeners | Friction substances ester ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Foundry casting

Agents for foundry casting and processing segment.
Phenol formaldehyde resins | Corrosion inhibitors ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Oil and gas processing

Products and additives for refineries.
Drilling fluid components ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Household chemistry

A range of products for house chemicals.
Surfactants | Emulsifiers and wetting agents | Essential oils | Vegetable oils | Fragrant mixtures of essential oils ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Construction industry

Products and substances for the construction industry.
Rheology modifiers and thickeners | Construction chemicals | Raw materials for coatings | Raw materials for oils, lubricants, coolants | Components for manufacturing lithium soap ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Chemical syntheses

Products for the chemical industry.
Cyclohexanol | Cyclohexanone | Distilled tall oil | Dimerized fatty acids | Carbon disulfide | Glycols (MEG, DEG, others) | Cresols (ortho, para-meta) | Acids (including nitric, benzoic, isophthalic, isophthalic, sebacic) and anhydrides | Tall oil fatty acids | Solvents (ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone) | Diethyl and dimethyl sulfide Aldehydes (n- and iso-butyric) Alcohols (e.g. oxo alcohols) | Cyclohexane ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Food industry

Products and intermediate compounds used in the food industry.
Conservatives | Antioxidants | Antioxidants | Acidity regulators and stabilizers | Gelling agents | Vitamins | Mineral salts | Flavorings | Amino acids and proteins | Oils and oleoresins | Taste and aroma enhancers | Yeast extracts | Sweeteners | Phosphates ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

Rubber industry / Rubbers

Raw materials for rubber processing. ASK ABOUT PRODUCT

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We carry out International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and provide dedicated services: mixing, repackaging (all types: powders, crystals, liquids).

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Others about us: Committed professionals.

Our specialists have exceptional knowledge of the industry. A team of professionals including sales representatives, biotechnologists, dieticians, food technologists and professionally educated employees.

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