1 July 2021

We train partners from DKSH Company (China, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand) - New Technology Polyester Polyols

With distributors in mind, we organised a series of dedicated online trainings on our products: New Technology Polyester Polyols. The trainings allowed the invited trade partners to gain further knowledge regarding the broadly understood technical and commercial aspects of the new offer.

New Technology Polyester Polyols are patented products with high content of recycled raw materials (up to 67%). They were created in response to the needs of the changing world, but at the same time they are a practical manifestation of our extensive experience of many years in creating closed-loop economy. NT Polyester Polyols are a balanced solution for the polyurethane industry with a wide spectrum of use.  

Last week, DKSH company participated in the training, whose employees connected with us from many regions of Asia, including: China, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand. In total, as many as 40 people participated in the training.

The training included an overview of the technological aspects such as applications and examples of formulations.  The training was conducted by Michał Trzciński – Business Development Manager and Marta Pieńkowska – the Director of the R&D Department. The participants had the opportunity to raise questions and to engage in a case study of the implementation of NT55/20M Polyol production at one of our clients.

The training is one of the many we recently carried out. We organised similar trainings for distributors in Africa and Australia.

If you are interested in trainings, please contact us!


Online trainings: New Technology Polyester Polyols for Asia Distributors