28 May 2019

The Circular Economy and its implementation in the Purinova company

There are companies that say a lot about their pro-ecological activities, and they do not do much. There are also those that based their core business and the mission of action on the philosophy of the circular economy - feeling that it is in line with the environment and for the sake of it, and also economically justified. Purinova is such a company.

The world is changing at an amazing pace. It happens so quickly that the development we can observe was called the 4th industrial revolution. The global consumer needs are growing exponentially to the increasing population and wealth of societies. On the other hand, natural resources are increasingly limited and valuable. If we add to this growing consumer awareness about the state of the environment and the risks caused by irresponsible consumption, we will obtain a very complicated picture of the business environment in which we have to operate.

The idea of ​​the Circular Economy is the answer to the challenges.  This concept relies on the rational and effective use of resources and minimizing the adverse impact of manufactured products on the environment. The CE assumes that materials and raw materials should remain in circulation as long as possible and waste production should be kept to a minimum.

In short - the current production process was linear and ended in a landfill, in accordance with the principle "take - produce - consume - discard", in which waste was often considered as the last stage of the product life cycle. In the circular economy, it is essential to consider waste, if it is created, as secondary raw materials, collected and managed properly.
The Circular Economy and its implementation in the Purinova company