23 December 2022

Purinova uses alternative sources of energy

In Purinova, we always put the environment at first place. As a company operating for years in the chemical industry we are perfectly aware of the impact the industrial production has on our planet and we believe it is our responsibility to make efforts to minimize it. This is why we implement solutions in accordance with the idea of Circular Economy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Circular Economy in practice

We have developed and implemented innovative technologies which enable us to use by-products and waste generated during the production processes of PIR panels as a raw material for further production. Our New Technology Polyols consist of even 70% share of renewable and recycled content. We develop solutions thanks to which our products stay in circulation as long as possible as they are used as a raw material for manufacturing the same type of product.


Waste as a source of thermal energy

We also pay particular attention to the alternative sources of energy as one of the main factors that contribute to saving the natural resources. As a result of this approach, we have decided to supply our production plant in Bydgoszcz, Poland with thermal energy generated from WTE (waste to energy) processes. During the decision-making process we took into consideration various solutions to finally start a cooperation with a local company that specializes in converting waste into energy. In practice, it means over 4 thousand tons of waste a year will become a renewable source of energy, instead of being disposed in landfill sites where it would pose a threat to our planet for years. - Even the most efficient waste management system cannot manage all the produced waste and some part of it remains unsuitable for further use. The best way to prevent it from being disposed in a landfill is thermal processing. Due to this process we not only save space at landfill sites but also generate energy. It is extremely important that the whole process takes place under controlled conditions to secure safety to the environment. The fact that Purinova uses thermal energy generated from WTE processes will contribute to saving fossil resources. – Paweł Iwański, Sustainability Specialist in Purinova says.

Another important aspect of this cooperation is the fact that it is in accordance with the idea of supporting local businesses and implementing solutions which bring global benefits for the environment at the same time.

In Purinova we perfectly understand the concept of sustainable waste management, rational use of natural resources and circular economy and the benefits they bring to the environment and people. We believe the future of next generations starts now.

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