15 June 2022

Purinova products with an EKO-ITB declaration!

Nowadays, when actions aiming at the reduction of negative environmental impact of industry are particularly important, in Purinova we constantly make efforts to put the idea of circular economy into practice. Our aim is implementing innovative technologies that enable to manufacture new products with the use of recycled materials as well as renewable resources.

Recently, our effectiveness has been proved by granting our two products from the New Technology Polyester Polyols line - Polios NT250 and Polios NT361 – with EKO-ITB sign issued by Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute).

What is an EKO-ITB declaration?

Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute) has been conducting research works in the field of building related industries for over 75 years. The institution is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation regarding the certification of products, management systems and personnel competence in the building industry. EKO-ITB label is an environmental declaration of second type,  distinguishing products less harmful to the environment.

As far as our polyols are concerned, the content of recycled and renewable materials is 73% and 4%, respectively for Polios NT250 and 68% and 17%, respectively for Polios NT361.

Why is it important for us?

The EKO-ITB declaration confirms the correctness and credibility of the data included in our product specifications regarding the declared  content of the recycled and renewable materials. What is more, it appreciates our commitment towards the implementation of sustainable development goals for the sake of our climate, environment and society. As Magdalena Krajczewska, Research and Development Specialist in Purinova says, „Another important aspect is strengthening business relations on foreign markets, where ecological standards are often substantially higher than those in Poland.”

So far, in Purinova portfolio we have 3 products granted with this type of environmental declaration: Polios NT 250 , Polios NT361 and Polios PET 2562.