12 June 2023

Purinova at Home Appliances Congress in Lodz, Poland!

From May 23rd to 25th, the 5th Home Appliance Congress took place in Łódź. This undoubtedly the largest event in Europe for representatives of the home appliances industry was also attended by Purinova. Why was a producer of polyurethane systems and polyester polyol present at an event dedicated to the home appliances industry? Find out more in our article ⤵️

The most important event in the home appliances sector in Europe

Home Appliance Congress is the most prestigious business meeting for this industry in Europe, co-organized by Lodz Special Economic Zone and Association of employers of household appliances, APPLiA Polska (formerly CECED). It is a gathering where major manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, experts, research and development employees, as well as government representatives come together to exchange knowledge, showcase the latest technologies, and discuss the future of the home appliances industry. The goal of the Congress is to promote innovation, sustainable development, and the exchange of experiences within the industry. Participants have the opportunity to stay informed about current trends, technologies, and development perspectives, which enables them to adapt to the rapidly changing market.

The home appliances industry in Poland

The household appliances industry in Poland is extremely important for both the country's economy and consumers. Poland is the largest producer of home appliances in the European Union - 60% of appliances in the WET category (dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers) as well as every third refrigerator are manufactured in Poland*. In recent years, Polish manufacturers have gained recognition in both domestic and international markets due to their high-quality products and innovative solutions. Many international market leaders in the home appliances industry have their factories in Poland. This industry generates significant revenue, creates jobs, and contributes to the country's economic growth.

The connection between Purinova and the home appliances manufacturers

Purinova is a manufacturer of, among others, polyurethane systems used in the refrigeration industry as insulation material. For years, we have been developing technologies in line with the concept of a closed-loop economy and sustainable development, offering refrigeration equipment manufacturers solutions that help to  reduce the negative impact of production on the environment.

Innovation and sustainable development

Our innovative product, Puroxen 05/22E, is part of a three-component system for the production of rigid polyurethane foam, used in the household appliances industry as insulation material for refrigeration equipment. In addition to the version based on petrochemical raw materials, we are also working on a version containing up to 80% of recycled material. This technology allows both the reduction of the carbon footprint of manufactured refrigeration equipment and the limitation of the ecotoxicity of the production process on humans and the environment. Due to this, we support refrigeration equipment manufacturers by providing them with solutions that contribute to a long-term sustainable future. This is an excellent example of how Purinova contributes to the implementation of solutions that promote innovation, efficiency, and sustainable development in the industry.

Recycling of electronic waste

Another important aspect is the connection between the process of recycling electronic waste, such as old refrigerators, and the production of polyurethane foam. Purinova focuses on developing technologies that enable the transformation of old polyurethane foam insulation into raw material which can be used for producing the same type of devices from which it has been obtained. This is a perfect example of a mindset focused on developing solutions that enable the application of circular economy principles in the manufacturing industry.

Participating in the Congress was an excellent opportunity for us to present to potential customers our innovative technologies which not only meet the highest quality standards but also support sustainable production in the household appliances industry. We are proud that as a producer of polyurethane systems, we can contribute to the responsible development of this branch of industry.


*Source: "AGD Market Report 2022/2023" by APPLiA Polska