20 September 2023

Polios PET 1852 and PET 2562 with Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Purinova places great importance on the quality and sustainability of its products. That's why we proudly announce that our Polios PET 1852 and Polios PET 2562 products have obtained environmental certification in the form of a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Building Technology.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that provides a detailed description of a product's environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle (LCA). It covers various aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions during production, energy consumption, water usage, emissions of pollutants into the air and water, consumption of natural resources, and waste generation.

Based on publicly available EPDs, architects, designers, engineers, investors, facility managers, and auditors can review the ecological balance and environmental impact indicators of products.

What are the benefits of having an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

1. Enhanced Competitiveness
It enhances a company's positive image and increases the competitiveness of products compared to others in the market.

2. Transparency and Credibility
EPDs provide transparent, comparable, and independent information about a product's environmental impact at various stages of its lifecycle, which builds trust with customers and business partners.

3. Increased Chances of Winning Contracts
Meeting EPD requirements is increasingly demanded in public tenders and certifications for buildings compliant with LEED and BREEAM assessment systems, increasing the chances of securing contracts and obtaining positive sustainability ratings for buildings.

4. Environmental Awareness
EPDs are prepared in accordance with standards such as ISO 14025 and PN-EN 15804, making them recognizable in the market. This allows customers to evaluate materials and products to choose the most sustainable alternative.

Moreover, using materials with EPDs improves the environmental efficiency of production processes.
Polios PET 1852 and PET 2562 with Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)