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New Technology Polyester Polyol for viscoelastic foam
10 September 2020

New product offered by Purinova – New Technology Polyester Polyol for viscoelastic foam.

Utilising our extensive experience in manufacturing polyester polyols, after months of hard work of the R&D department, we are introducing a new product dedicated for companies operating in the elastic foam industry. We are very well aware that the requirements for primary producers in the elastic foam market are remarkably high. That is why the wide range of products offered by Purinova now includes a new item - Polios NT170LV.
25 May 2020

PUR/PIR sector challenges - lambda value

What is the lambda value and why is it so important in the thermal insulation industry? Is there a limit to which it can be reduced? Apart from being a physical property, the thermal conductivity coefficient which is so often talked about in the thermal insulation industry, determines the class of an insulation material, which in turn directly affects the market position and price of a given product. It is no wonder, after all, as the value of an insulation product should be determined by the product's ability to reduce heat loss. The question is: How far does this ability go?
30 March 2020

Home office in Purinova

For most of the crew Purinova is another active and busy week in home office conditions. It is a challenge for us, but also a constantly new experience, from which we give even more of ourselves. The climate and home atmosphere is very favourable for us!

Production and R&D department are working in their current mode, performing their tasks.

We wish you good health!
And stay at home. We stay...
19 March 2020

We work for you!

Despite the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our company operates (mostly from the Home Office level) and carries out its mission of professional distribution on an ongoing basis.

We are in constant contact with customers and suppliers.

We wish everyone perseverance and health.
what are the PUR/PIR Sector Challenges?
2 December 2019

PUR/PIR Sector Challenges

Every day we experience a great deal of change, both technological and climatic, while being a part of it. As a consequence of increasing awareness of the impact of individual materials on human health, we pay attention to manufacturing processes as well as to finished products. The construction industry and the continuously growing PUR/PIR sector are challenging us every time we move forward. We are determined not only to follow the evolution, but to precede it. We prioritize the importance of safety, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. What specific areas of development can be identified as crucial for our industries nowadays?
1 October 2019

PIR market forecasts

The sustained economic growth in Poland is conducive to investments in which PIR boards are widely used. The industrial and warehouse construction segment is not weakening, which results in further construction of new halls and plants using PIR core boards.
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