23 August 2023

Orienteering runs with Purinova: supporting positive developmemt of community and environment through chemistry

In the face of growing global challenges related to sustainable development, the international organization Purinova is determined to achieve priority goals related to a sustainable future. With a focus on local initiatives, our globally operating company consistently supports and develops actions for our communities. We proudly announce our partnership related to this year's edition of the special event called Wakacje na Orientację z Purinova (Orienteering runs with Purinova), which was conducted under the slogan #positivechemistry.

Our primary goal for this event was to create an integrative platform for the residents of Bydgoszcz and surrounding regions, showcasing the harmonious interplay between the field of chemistry and nature. We firmly believe that our industry has tremendous potential when it comes to playing a constructive role in relationships between people, the environment, and the economy. We aim to present chemistry as a driving force in achieving balance among these aspects.

On August 12th, enthusiasts of active leisure, as well as chemistry and nature enthusiasts, participated in an unforgettable picnic and orienteering race in the picturesque Myślęcinek forest park. Right here, surrounded by nature, we gathered to jointly celebrate picnicking, competition, and the discovery of the right path during an exciting orienteering race. The event not only fostered competition but also allowed for the closeness of the community and the promotion of the idea of harmonious coexistence with the surrounding ecosystem.

We deeply believe that understanding and using the positive power of chemistry is a key element for the well-being of the community and the natural environment. Therefore, we thank everyone who engaged in the event to celebrate the potential of chemistry in the context of positive development.

Our team extensively prepared for the event, challenging ourselves and forming teams. We thank you for joining our race, sharing a picnic, and feasting on cotton candy, grilled sausages, and marshmallows. It was an unforgettable event, full of joy, sportsmanship, and community bonding.

Congratulations to the winners of the race – the R&D team!