10 September 2020

New product offered by Purinova – New Technology Polyester Polyol for viscoelastic foam.

Utilising our extensive experience in manufacturing polyester polyols, after months of hard work of the R&D department, we are introducing a new product dedicated for companies operating in the elastic foam industry. We are very well aware that the requirements for primary producers in the elastic foam market are remarkably high. That is why the wide range of products offered by Purinova now includes a new item - Polios NT170LV. The product does not only represent the quality and consistence guaranteed by Purinova, but it is also a perfect example of a product which is in line with the current trend of solutions promoting sustainable economy in industrial production.
Polios NT170LV contains a high amount, i.e. 67% or recycled and recyclable raw materials (EN ISO: 2016).

The work on this polyol has begun with a deep research of the market of raw materials currently used in industry. However, at Purinova we do not stop there, we always question the current solutions in order to provoke and generate innovation. In this case, one of the great challenges related to working on the polyol was to find a reliable and consistent source of raw materials. We have managed to overcome that challenge, and that is why we are now certain that our product is not going to disappoint. It is worth noting that while working with our clients, we focus primarily on quality and elasticity. The final product is refined together with the client; we cooperate during the process until we obtain satisfactory results.
M. Cybulska-Kucharska Technologist / Purinova

The advantages of Polios NT170LV in using viscoelastic foam includes a high content of recycled materials, which allows to obtain a product which meets the requirements of sustainable development, including reducing the use of non-renewable raw materials and waste generation. The Polyol is used as a partial substitute of the standard polyester and polyether polyols, which does not require extensive alterations in the foam formulation. Polios NT170LV was tested in viscoelastic foam pursuant to PN-EN 16000-9: with positive results: low VOC emission after 28 days.

The recommended amount of Polios NT170LV in the viscoelastic foam formula is 20-50 parts of polyol mixture. It can replace one or more standard polyols in the formula:

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Author: Monika Cybulska-Kucharska
Process Engineer


A graduate of chemical technology at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. A technologist who is guided by the motto that humbleness and experience is a guarantee of success. My adventure with the polyol-polyurethane market lasts almost 8 years! I actively participate in many projects aimed at improving Purinova's products. Privately, she is an amateur of small and large journeys and an enthusiast of arranging puzzles.

New Technology Polyester Polyol for viscoelastic foam