20 March 2023

Global Recycling Day

On March 18, we celebrated Global Recycling Day! 

At Purinova, we have always thought circularly - we work towards protecting natural resources and minimizing the impact of our products on the environment by recycling and reusing them. To emphasize our commitment and mobilize others to take similar steps, Ireneusz Borowicz, Environmental Protection Specialist at Purinova, spoke on this important issue:

- At Purinova, we know that sustainability and the reuse of waste are essential for the future of Our Planet. By contributing to sustainable development, we maximize the use of raw materials. For over 10 years, we have been using rPET produced in the recycling of plastic waste in our production processes. Also thanks to rational waste management, a significant amount of waste generated in Purinova is successfully recycled. Thanks to these activities, while providing our customers with a high-quality product, we also care about the future of the planet. - 

We are sure that every recycling action brings us closer to a clean environment, so let's take care of the Earth together for the next generations