11 April 2018

A training cycle at the Purinova Head Office in Bydgoszcz

Our experts from the sales department took care of the professional course of the training. There was a solid dose of theoretical knowledge and practice opportunities in the field of foam applications.

In the theoretical part, the invited guests had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge within the principles and methods of processing the Purios systems. The session covered an important aspect of business issues concerning good practices in the sale of polyurethanes.

The practical part was an opportunity to get to know and practice the technical aspects of foam application. The participants were familiarized with the equipment used in the spraying process, and then they could test it under the supervision of our specialist on specially prepared mockups. Everyone was equipped with appropriate overalls and masks.

Our guests also received certificates confirming the acquired knowledge and practical qualifications. We would like to thank all those who have already participated in our trainings. We also consider it a great opportunity to discuss and share experiences with participants, which enables us to create even better products. Next training sessions are already scheduled. You can sign up for them by submitting a short form. To encourage you to take part, we present an opinion given by one of the participants:

The training was carried out very professionally. I was convinced that I already know everything about the foam, but it turned out that the knowledge acquired in this training included far more theoretical and practical aspects. I would like to thank all the people who conducted the training. The knowledge you share with us in your trainings is invaluable. Thanks to your support, my company is able to provide services at the highest level and compete with the best.