Circular economy Step into the future

We seize the opportunity to keep products and materials in circulation.
A closed-loop economy, where polyurethane waste is recycled and reused presents itself to be the best idea and solution for the future of our planet. Purinova has been a part of the chemical industry for a number of years, therefore it is also our responsibility to develop and manufacture new products in accordance with the chemical ecodesign rules.

Circular Design

Since the very beginning of our company, we have been focusing our efforts on seeking for innovative solutions for our products, in line with the concept of Circular Economy. Our focus on developing new, sustainable solutions for our products results from our significant experience in the field of chemistry (our own know-how) implemented in international markets.

Portfolio of products

As our experience in circular economy increases, it reaps better results - for the customers, businesses and for the environment.

Our R&D department works towards a strong goal of minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Product solutions for Purinova on the international markets are gaining recognition among an increasing number of customers. We pay particular attention to production repeatability and operational excellence.

PIR panel recycling process

We use the polyurethane dust generated during the production of PIR panels as a raw material for the production of polyester polyols.

This area is a great example of effective collaboration with our customers. This project was made exclusively for one of our clients with particularly specific requirements. PIR panel recycle process is a typical example of the implementation of Circular Economy by Purinova, which aims to develop renewable and sustainable resources to protect society against waste. We closely cooperate with our clients to convert ideas into products and to make further technological progress.

PET recycling process

We use recycled PET as a raw material in the production proces of polyols. By introducing rPET of particularly high quality into the production process, we are able to create polyols containing up to 45% of the recycled content.

Purinova’s Circular Economy approach is proving its worth in solving the problems of limited oil resources which we currently face in the light of the forecasts for the upcoming years. Raw materials such as rPET may also be used to achieve the same objective.

The by-product in the industrial process

In this process, we apply a by-product of chemical production that would be production waste. Due to our technology, we are able to include it in the creation of new products as preconsumer recycled content.
Our New Technology Polyester Polyols based on by-products have a minimum of 65% of recycled and renewable content. The New Technology Polyester Polyols are tested for quality and available at a competitive price level with a wide range of applications: including in PIR panels, PUR systems, viscoelastic foam or in polyurethane adhesives.
Our unique technology allows us to use this by-product in our production processes, it does not become a waste dedicated to burn. In this way Purinova supports environmental efforts and prevents pollution.

The recycling process of PU foam from refrigeration equipment
(concept in progress)

The electronic waste (including refrigerators, cold stores) disposal process largely involves insulation components made of polyurethane foam. This technology that we are currently developing is going to allow us to process PU insulation foams from electronic waste into a recycled raw material for the new products. Such raw material can be later used for the same types of devices from which it was obtained.

This is a perfect example of a mind focused on products, which is in line with the current trend of solutions promoting sustainable economy in industrial production.

We have experience in the field of chemical recycling!

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